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Can Organic Period Care Help With Period Pain?

organic period care for period pain

Did you know organic period care can be linked to relieving period pain?

I’ll be the first to admit that I never really paid much attention to what was in the period products I was using. I got my period at 11, my mom handed me products from her preferred brand and that was it; I didn’t question anything, and why would I? People had been using these products for decades and they did the job. 

It was only when I started to look into organic period care that I came across the fact that mainstream period products can often contain a lot of hormone-disrupting chemicals…

So, how does organic period care help with period pain?

Decrease in cramps & irritation

These substances don’t belong in the body, and so along with all of the pains and cramps that often come with periods, our bodies are having to deal with these chemicals causing inflammation too – meaning even more period pain!

Because organic period products are made using 100% organic cotton, they don’t contain the usual bleach or chlorine meaning they can decrease some of the irritation you might experience if using mainstream products. 

organic period care for period pain
us to non-organic period products 😂

PMS symptoms can also be reduced

If chemicals are absorbed via period products they’re going to affect your whole cycle – not just the menstrual phase. This means that switching to organic cotton products can help relieve some symptoms of PMS as you’re decreasing the amount of toxins in your endocrine system.

Before switching...

Organic period products absorb differently because the cotton used in them isn’t sprayed with pesticides. This means that absorbency can be hard to get used to, and you might find you need to change your pads or tampons more frequently. However, as your body gets used to these new chemical-free products your system will regulate and adapt to the change. This usually takes about 2 cycles

Have you tried organic period care to help relieve period pain? Did it work for you?

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